Happy Trails Products 08+ KLR650 PD Nerf Crossover Replacement Kit

08+ KLR650 PD Nerf Crossover Replacement Kit

Replacement crossover kit.
Happy Trails Products

We are constantly testing our products to ensure the highest design quality is passed to our valued customers. With this in mind we have released a second generation improved crossover design (a key component to our PD Nerf setup) for the '08 > KLR650. We're making this available at our cost plus shipping. Please read details and order below:

Every kit since June 15 2008 has this.  If you have crashed your bike this is the replacement kit you need to order

On the 2008 > KLR650 PD Nerf bar setup, the crossovers are the two flat pieces of metal that mount to the center down tube on the bike behind the radiator (left) reservoir (right) and serve to connect the left and right sides of the PD Nerf bars. In the attached image the crossovers are the two horizontal flat pieces that connect together in the center (closest to the camera).

In our initial production run the crossovers were not as strong as they could be. This upgraded crossover is made from .250 inch thick aluminum versus the original .125 inch thick steel parts. You can measure the thickness of your crossover to verify that you have the upgraded parts. Please note: all PD Nerf orders after June 15, 2008 include the newer crossover design.

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Manufacturer: Happy Trails Products
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  • On the 2008 nerf set up I took all my stuff apart to powder coat and we lost the bracket that goes around the front down tube. That's the clamp the cross over bars bolt to. How do I ordfer one of those??Don
    Question by: Don Horne on 2018-07-09 22:21:00

    You will need to call 800-444-8770 and we get get you taken care of. Have you checked to see if you left it on the bike?

    Answer by: Tim on 2018-07-09 18:21:00
  • I've had too many issues with the 2015 KLR 650 cooling system when I lay the bike down on the left side. Since the front cowling on the left bolts directly to the radiator bracket, even with crash bars installed the brackets can bend. For me I notice this especially because the sand I ride in goes through the spaces on the crash bars on a fall. This can cause a multitude of issues. I noticed that the gen 1 had a radiator piping that went around the cooling system attaching to the frame for added protection. However, I did not see this for the Gen 2s. Questions:-Will the Gen 1 radiator guards fit Gen2 KLR 650?-Do you make any protection to this very weak spot of the KLR 650?-Was the cross fitting that goes under from each side of the crash bars intended to protect this at all?
    Question by: Jefff on 2017-11-09 04:54:00


    I don't think the part would fit. You try it and if it does not fit you can return it.

    I have run the 10 gallon IMS and I offers great prtotection. Hard core guys usually amke mothing up. I went back to the A Model for this reason.


    Answer by: Tim on 2017-11-08 23:54:00
  • Id like to order a new crossover bar for the PD nerf bars KLR 650 2013. But I need the tow long mount bolts for the cross over also. Cant find where to order the two bolts. Please help
    Question by: slaugo on 2017-10-06 03:04:00

    They are M6x100 SHCS

    The Instuctions have all the hardware listed.

    We don't have a listing with individual bolts. Let us know when you need them when you order and we will give them to you.

    Answer by: Tim on 2017-10-05 23:04:00
  • Does this come with longer bolts?
    Question by: Bradley on 2016-03-04 03:35:00

    The kit comes with new 6mm bolts and rubber washers for the outside. The original kit bolts for the clamp are not replaced.

    Answer by: Tim on 2016-03-03 22:35:00
  • The instructions don't show whether the Right crossbar goes in front of or behind the coolant tank outer support. If I put it between the support and the coolant tank, the fairing won't fit back on. If I put it behind the support, the crossbar puts pressure on the regulator wiring.
    Question by: Richard Parker on 2016-02-20 19:46:00

    There are a set of  detailed instructions located here


    It is the 15th picture down that address this.

    Answer by: Tim on 2016-02-20 14:46:00