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  • Hi There, I have the HT fork brace on my DR 650. On my last long distance ride all four horizontal bolts rattled out (I didn't lock tite them). Because I had clamps on the lower fork boots the rest of the brace pieces I still have. Can you tell me the length, thread pitch, and whatever info I need to buy replacements? Thanks!

    M6 x1.0 x 20MM Socket Head Cap Screw Qty 4 Don't over to over torque, 12 nm is max.

  • Is this compatible with the 2012 F800GS?

    You can check out the instructions at this link to see if your bike is the same by clicking here

  • What is the weight limit on the Happy Trails SU Side Rack for Zero bikes? Thanks

    You would need to check with the manufacturer on their loading and weight recommendations to determine the amount you could carry on the bike.  


  • Will these panniers/rack fit with a Triumph Scrambler back rack installed? I would like to have the same system I had on my KLR (Kivi top box with Teton panniers).Thank you

    They should fit, you may need to put in a longer bolts because most of the back racks are attaching to the same points we are because on that particular bike there is not alot of other options, but that should be the only thing you would need to modify.

  • Do you have a recommended combination of your products? I am thinking of: - SU rack - one Rotopak mounting plate - Rotopak locking plate - 1 gallon Rotopak fuel container (2 gallons would be too heavy, would you agree?) - 1 side luggage container - top luggage strapped on the rack... Thinking of using an existing backpack, and would love to set this up as a bit of a backrest for the highway stretches. I need your advice here. I have always used hard luggage on other bikes, but am open to soft... What do you recommend? I will be on a 4-day riding trip from Texas to Mexico.. No camping. I need space for some tools and a couple days of clothes. Can you offer your advice and best combination to purchase the above? (For example, kits vs individual pieces)

    There are a few different options for the kind of set up you described. FIrst, I would decide on whether you want hard or soft luggage, and what type of riding you plan on doing in the future. Personally, I would consider hard luggage for two reasons. First, it adds extra protection for your valuables during the off chance that you go down. They also are designed to carry the extra weight of tools and other items that may be heavy. Second, the hard luggage are lockable, and when traveling through a country such as Mexico, it is a good idea to have lockable luggage. We have heard many horror stories of riders losing everything they have on the bike because the luggage did not lock properly. I would start with our Teton Pannier Kit. You can choose between two different sizes depending on what you plan on packing. 
    For fuel, you can do a couple of different things as well. You can mount it to the SU rack using our Kolpin adapter plate and mounting a rotopax to the adapter plate. Or you could use our Inner Tool Rack and mount your rotopax on the inside of the SU rack. This will give you the capability of carrying both panniers and the rotopax. The only down fall to this set up is that it can be a little tight getting the rotopax in and out of the tool tray, but if you only have to use it for emergency fuel, your not likely of have to use it that often. The other option is to use our Container Holders and mount them on either the front or the rear of the panniers. Then you can use the Primus Fuel Bottles for fuel, or you could use the container holders to carry water. The down fall of going this route is that you cannot carry a full gallon of fuel, and they do not lock to the bike. 
    As you can see, there are a lot of different options. I would most definitely start with the Teton Pannier Kit and then determine how you want to carry your fuel from there.

  • Does the Explorer Lite come with the Universal Mounting Harness or does the harness have to be ordered separately along with the KLR- specific front harness?

    It is included in the purchase of your bag, there is a section to type in the year, make and model of your bike under the listing and we will get your correct harness for your bike.