Happy Trails Hard Luggage Systems

Happy Trails Hard Luggage Systems

Happy Trails' high quality, custom engineered Aluminum Pannier Systems are named after some of North America's most magnificent mountain ranges... the Denali, Teton, Owyhee and Cascade.

Construction... Our panniers are TIG welded of .080” aluminum, among the thickest in the industry. No glue or rivets. All are top loading. A 3/4" lip around the opening makes the opening 1-1/2" smaller than the outside pannier measurements. 

Lids...Panniers and top boxes have very high quality cam latches, giving you the best gasket seal in the industry... our panniers have no leaks!  They are lockable with two padlocks (not included). Lids come with footman loops for strapping on additional gear.

Hinge... All panniers have our new Slot Hinge Design an industry leading technology designed to meet the needs of today's adventure touring. The Slot Hinge Lid has a pivot hinge on the outside of the pannier. When running the Panniers with a top box, some riders convert to lift-off lids, easily done by removing one hinge-screw on each hinge. All panniers come with the hinged design for liability purposes... no exceptions are made.

SU Rack... all our industry leading pannier kits features our exclusive and thoroughly tested SU rack designed for use with soft or fixed luggage/panniers. The SU rack utilizes strong 5/8" round tubing for the arms and 3/4" square tubing for the SU loop. The rack has a three point mounting design and a bumper support bracket  between the two sides.

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