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Happy Trails Adjustable Centerstand Kawasaki KLR650E 2008+

SKU: HTP4-8-16

Quick Overview

Happy Trails Centerstand
Kawasaki KLR650E 2008+

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This is the standard version of the HT KLRE centerstand.

The Happy Trails Centerstand reflects two-years of research and development. Our goal was to design & produce a product that would be best in class for the following criteria:

  1. Ease of installation
  2. Ease of  use - in getting the bike on the stand
  3. Ground clearance - the most possible
  4. Adjustable height - one stand for all combinations of tires
  5. Lightweight (6.25 lb.) and durable
  6. Replaceable wearing parts


We think we've succeeded on all counts.

Answers to questions you've asked:

  • The sidestand and centerstand must be deployed in a certain order to avoid interference. When dismounting, set the sidestand first ... next deploy the centerstand. Reverse this order when preparing to ride.

  • The product works with all skid plates Happy Trails sells for the KLR650. If you have a different skid plate, then look to see if there is an air space where your skid plate meets the foot peg bracket. If there is, then your skid plate will work with our centerstand.

  • This centerstand does not work with any Lowering Links.

SW-Motech Note: SW-Motech crash bars can work with our centerstand - you will need to find some M8x35 (12.9 hardened) bolts with a 1.25 thread pitch. Some customers have drilled and tapped the peg mount bolts to 10 mm from 8mm to address any concern of the additional stress given to the peg mounting bolts.

Click here for Wiki note: Center stand dragging in turns

All Happy Trails products are crafted in Idaho



Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • The instructions state that the OEM foot pegs will not be used. Does that mean I will need to order additional specific foot pegs? Does it come with new foot pegs, mounting hardware? Please advise.

    The OEM foot peg bolts.........

    The bolts won't be reused the pegs are reused.

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  • Hello, will this work with a ricochet skid plate and tusk crash bars? Thank you. I have a 2016 klr 650

    Yes the centerstand will work.

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  • Hi. Can I use Pivot Pegz Mark 3 with this centerstand??? I also have your skidplate on.

    Yes you can run the Pivot Pegz, the pegs attach at the clevis of the foot peg so you don't have to unbolt the foot peg.

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  • Will this fit on my 2016? I know it says 08+ but were there any changes made to the bike between 08+ and now that will effect ease of installation?

    This center stand works all "E" Model KLR's through the current year.

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  • The description says this is the standard version and gives a link to the lowered version but the link returns a 404 error. Will this fit a 2008 KLR650 that has been lowered if it is adjusted to the lowest setting?

    We are not making the Lowered centerstand any longer.

    The centerstand is the same as the lowered version, the adjustment makes up the difference. The issue we were constantly plagued with was that it would only work with our links customers were using other links and stating the obvious that they had issues. 

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  • With this work with raising links?

    There should not be any issues using the Raising Links

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  • Will the center stand work with originally equipped plastic skid plate?

    Yes, The stock gravel deflector is OK with the centerstand.

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  • Have2018 KLR, SW Motech engine guards, planning on SW Motrch skid plateHave JNS footpeg lowering kit installed with wide moose racing cleated footpegs. Will you stand work with the above items?Thanks!

    Please check our Installation Instructions HERE

    Our Centerstand mount must attach directly to the bike frame.

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  • Will this work with the happy trails skid plate/ Highway peg/ nerf bars?

    Yes the centerstand will work with our skid plate and highway peg.


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  • Will the center stand work with Tusk foot pegs an Ricochet skid plate

    Yes, they will all work together.

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