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Designed for the KLR650 to give critical protection for all key components at front, sides, and bottom of the motor.

Happy Trails KLR650 Skid Plate Impact Isolator Kit

A quality skid plate is a must-have item for serious off-road riding. Our Happy Trails skid plate for the KLR650 improves on  a basic proven skid plate design we have been offering for over a decade. One of those long-standing features has been to incorporate noise reduction technology to reduce reflected noise to the rider. But even more important is this kit's design to promote a soft mount and impact dissipation rather than transferring all energy to the mounts.

Background: Years ago we found with the KLR650 skid plate that we could go from 3/16” to 3/8” aluminum bottoms but direct impacts on the skid plates could bend them and potentially crack the case. The better solution was using rubber matting on the floor of the skid plate and having preload with the bottom of the case. With this approach the impact would cushion and disperse the point of impact so the skid plate does not dent, bend or flex causing destruction of the case. This has been an in-shop service we’ve provided for years for local customers at Happy Trails and on our own personal bikes.

You will receive:  Rubber insulators, bolt kit, instructions

Dimensions: Large rubber 8 ¾” long, 4 ¾” wide, ¾” thick.
Small rubber 3” long, 1 ½” wide, 3/16” thick

Weight: 1 lb

All Happy Trails products are crafted in Idaho


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