Aluminum Pannier each 7.5" TETON BARE ALUMINUM

Happy Trails Teton 7.5' Pannier Aluminum 

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To find a full pannier kit for your motorcycle go to our FIND YOUR BIKE page and click on your bike.

This Teton Pannier option does not have any premount holes drilled in the back of the pannier for mounting. This pannier is for those who are mounting the pannier to a rack different than a Happy Trails Point 1 SU Rack. You will drill you own mounting holes in the back of the pannier

You will need a mount kit to attach the pannier to the rack

Your order is for one pannier. To order two, simply add them to the shopping cart separately. Select a right side pannier with all options you require. After placing it in the cart select a left side pannier with the options you require and place it in the cart.

Teton pannier shown here on KLR650.

Pannier Dimensions: Teton: 7.5" 33L - 15" H x 18" L -  For a comparison of our different panniers and their dimensions please click this link to our WIKI page.

Pre-mount: NO PREMOUNT, you will drill your own holes to mount the pannier.

THE PANNIER COMES WITH A LIDLOCK: This will allow you to have a single key for aluminum panniers and/or aluminum tailbox (any number of boxes) as long as they are ordered at the same time. Does not replace cam latches, which provide the dust and water proof seal that makes our boxes famous.

All Happy Trails products are crafted in Idaho

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