Galfer Braking Galfer Front Brake Pads  - BRKFD138

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Galfer Front Brake Pads - BRKFD138


KTM LC4-400 Enduro

KTM LC4-640 Enduro

KTM LC4-640 Adv-R (1997-1999)

KTM LC4-640 Adv-R (2000+)



KTM LC8-950/990 ADV

KTM 1190 ADV/R

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Galfer Braking

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Galfer is to brakes as Xerox is to copying ... look no further if you want the best in stainless lines, rotors, and pads. Galfer brake pads are produced in a variety of compounds designed to provide an ideal braking experience for every rider in every condition. Galfer pads feature stress released backing plates to assure perfect flatness and less tendency to warp/age under hard braking conditions. Consider the following features and benefits of Galfer's compounds in making your pad selections:

BLACK (Semi-Metallic Carbon) - Upgrade your brakes without paying an upgraded price, These GG rated pads out-perform most original equipment pads (typically only G-rated) by maintaining functionality at temperatures as high as 700 degrees. They offer extreme versatility with the ability to be used on both front and rear, and on both street and dirt with excellent effectiveness. These semi-metallic/carbon pads offer great longevity while limiting rotor wear. The black compound pads provide a strong progressive feel allowing for a controlled braking modulation.

GREEN (Kevlar Ceramic Organic) - If you need to stop on a dime, you better put on the 'Green'. The Kevlar-organic Green pads offer powerful, initial bite time after time with no fade. The versatility of these pads is unmatched. They can adjust to abrupt temperature and moisture changes and take little time to recover between braking. They can be used in all types of riding whether it is street, dirt, race... and any combination of each. These are better for an aggressive rider, since these offer one or two finger stopping power. If rotor wear is of great concern, the Galfer green is an optimum choice. They won't last quite as long as the black or OEM pads, but their soft organic material composition causes minimal damage to the rotor surface.

GOLD (Sintered HH Advanced Ceramic Compound) ??? If you want the ???edge??ť, the ultimate in stopping feel and control, the sintered metal and ceramic pad is for you. The composition allows for ultimate friction with unmatched stopping power. Great for all weather riding; requires no warm-up time and pads ???cool off??ť as soon as pressure is released from the brake lever.  Requires very little brake pressure under repeated braking, with little wear on rotors, and exhibits a consistent bite with a long life span.

For many riders, the ideal combination is using Galfer Green in the front with Galfer Black or Gold in the rear.


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