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The Suzuki DR200SE was introduced in 1996 and was designed for climbing hills and low speed turns. This bike has fantastic gas mileage. At only 249lbs, the DR200SE is essentially a smaller dual-sport low-displacement motorcycle suitable for beginners. It feels quite at home on the dirt road or on the smoother surface streets. It comes with a robust engine that has the adequate torque to get you out of congested urban traffic or over the hills.

Engine Power and Performance
Similar to the majority of dual sport, low-displacement bikes, the Suzuki DR200SE runs on a 199 cc, single-cylinder 5-stroke engine. It can be comfortably ridden on or off road. It has a convenient 5-speed transmission, and an easy push-button electronic start ignition.

The 5-speed transmission gear ratios are suitable when riding in a broad range of road conditions. The CDI ignition system that is digitally controlled provides optimum timing at all speed levels. Rear and front disc drum brakes give the rider reliable stopping power.

Handling and Special Features
The DR200SE is an all-purpose utility bike. It is toughly built with lots of special features making it the ideal motorcycle when you want to tackle rigorous track and road conditions. It has extended guards, a powerful headlight, big carry racks, brake, and clutch lever protectors, and dual side stands. Its toughness has made it a favorite when you want to follow the rough side roads and tracks.

The Suzuki DR200SE has an easy-to-reach large passenger grab bar, which is also useful when you want to attach a luggage net. With a 32 inches seat height, the DR200SE is the perfect bike you need to cruise around town or when you want to go off road. The rear and front tires of the Suzuki DR200SE come with a special tread pattern that offers very good traction---both off and on road.  For a smaller size rider who is not very concerned about extremely fast speeds or bike looks, the DR200SE is your perfect choice. This nimble workhorse will take you up the hills, and through dirt tracks as well as through city streets with great ease.

Suzuki DR200SE
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