CTX14AHL FIREPOWER Battery KLR650 All Years

KLR650 all years FIERPOWER Sealed Battery FACTORY ACTIVATED SEALED BATTERY Advanced absorbed glass mat technology Sealed maintenance-free design 1-year free replacement warranty Battery comes filled and pre-charged from the manufacturer (freshening charge recommended before installation)

Note: Deltran Battery Tender: The cheapest way to extend your motorcycle's battery life is to use a battery tender whenever you are not riding. Did you know that when you start your bike and run it idle or make only short trips, your battery suffers? It'll take at least an hour riding for it to recover.

The Deltran Battery Tender or Junior keeps your battery fully charged so it's ready to go when you are. Lightweight, compact, fully automatic and easy to use, even in small spaces.




Part #AmpsLengthWidthHeightPost PositionWeightList Price
210 cca 5.25 in. 3.5 in. 6.5 in. N/A N/A $72.95

The battery will be fully charged when you receive it. Here is a peek at our Battery Station.

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