KLR650 Doohickey Rotor Bolt

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KLR650 Doohickey (Balancer Idler Lever) Install Kit

Doohickey Install Kit ...

Eagle Manufacturing and Engineering


Send new rotor bolt (Kawasaki recommended one time use)?

Send inner magneto gasket?

Send outer magneto gasket at

Rotor Puller Tool: The Puller tool allows for pulling the rotor without damage once the rotor bolt is removed. Equivalent to OEM Magneto Flywheel Puller 57001-1185.

Rotor Holder Wrench: This wrench is required for the upgrade. It is used to hold the rotor so it can be removed and reinstalled with proper torque on the rotor bolt. Equivalent to OEM Magneto Holder 570001-1184.


Here are the additional parts you'll want to consider if you decide to upgrade your KLR650 balancer idler shaft lever and spring. All parts are OEM Kawasaki. It is a good idea to have both magneto cover gaskets on-hand in case you discover they're leaking or they break when removing the magneto cover. Kawasaki recommends replacing the rotor bolt with each installation.

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California Restricted Product: No
Manufacturer: Eagle Manufacturing and Engineering
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