Over-Bar Stabilizer Kit KLR650 All Years (Pro Moto Billet)

PMB-KIT-MT-0404-X + ASS-MC-0404

Note: Submount applications made to work with stock steel bar only. Installation requires some drilling of the frame.

The Fastway Steering Stabilizer is one of the greatest single improvements to handling you can make to your motorcycle. It's proven to reduce rider fatigue, headshake, and high speed shimmy. The Fastway System 3 and System 5 will help stabilize the front end of your motorcycle and let the entire suspension do its job while you experience increased control. Fastway offers two Stabilizer models to fit your budget, riding style, and performance needs.

Features of the System 5 Damper:

Low Speed Adjustment

    - Controls the resistance level when turning the handlebars at low speeds - such as when cornering or making corrections when going straight.

High Speed Adjustment - Controls the dampers response to high-speed impacts such as roots, rocks, ruts and hard hits. Lowers the force of hard impacts that are transmitted to the rider, and helps reduce rider fatigue.

Return-to-Center Damping Adjustment - Controls the resistance level of the handlebar when returning to the center position from either side - resulting in more control over the vehicles ability to hold its line.

Cornering Angle Adjustment - Controls the angle of the transition between the ?ǣcenter?ǥ damping stage and the ?ǣcornering?ǥ damping stage. Four positions are available on both the left and right sides.

Cornering Damping Level Adjustment - Allows reduction of the resistance level for the ?ǣcornering?ǥ stage, giving the rider full control over how the vehicle responds when turning.

Features of the System 3 Steering Damper:

    It shares the same precise engineering, compact design and reliability as the System 5. The System 3 features the three basic adjustments most riders need, in one simple to adjust package: low-speed damping, highspeed damping and return to center damping adjustments.
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  • What does this part do? There is no description listed for what it does/accomplishes, benefits, etc.Thank you,Mike
    Question by: Mike Cavender on 2017-02-08 22:26:00

    Check out the Fastway page for detailed data

    Answer by: Tim on 2017-02-08 17:26:00