Honda TransAlp Clearview Windshields

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Clearview Windshield Honda TransAlp

Honda TransAlp Clearview Windshields come clear or with light grey tint, and 19, 21 or 23 inches high.


Clearview has been handcrafting shields in the USA for over 20 years. Their shields are top rated by riders around the world in performance, quality, fit and finish.


  • Premium high impact acrylic blend material exceeds industry & DOT standards
  • UV inhibitors extend shield life & protect dash and accessories
  • 3/16" (.187) thick material is more rigid than the stock shield
  • Ready to mount for fast & easy installation
  • 3 different heights available to tailor the shield height to your height
  • 4" added width for increased protection for your arms and shoulders
  • Contoured shape for improved air flow & shield strength
  • Upper recurve pushes the air up higher, creating a larger, quieter pocket
  • Shipped with a clear protective film that allows installation and testing
  • Can be polished, buffed, and is safe to use Rain-X Original Clear Formula

Optional Light Grey Tint:

  • Very high optical clarity
  • Reduced glare from sunlight & headlights
  • Safe for night riding
  • Additional UV protection for dash & accessories
  • Tint is throughout the material
  • Can be buffed and polished just like Clear

Optional PRV Vents:

  • Reduce low pressure/vacuum behind shield
  • Improves airflow/reduces back pressure
  • Located low and to the right and left sides
  • Add to your order with no extra charge

Optional PRV Trim:

The rubber trim diverts water around the vent and gives the vents a sporty, finished look.

Clearview Guarantee: 30 day trial with free exchange/return so long as the plastic masking is still on the shield. If masking is removed, you will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 20% and possibly more depending on the condition of the shield.

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California Restricted Product: No
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