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  • Hi There, I have the HT fork brace on my DR 650. On my last long distance ride all four horizontal bolts rattled out (I didn't lock tite them). Because I had clamps on the lower fork boots the rest of the brace pieces I still have. Can you tell me the length, thread pitch, and whatever info I need to buy replacements? Thanks!

    M6 x1.0 x 20MM Socket Head Cap Screw Qty 4 Don't over to over torque, 12 nm is max.

  • Is this compatible with the 2012 F800GS?

    You can check out the instructions at this link to see if your bike is the same by clicking here

  • What is the weight limit on the Happy Trails SU Side Rack for Zero bikes? Thanks

    You would need to check with the manufacturer on their loading and weight recommendations to determine the amount you could carry on the bike.  

  • Will these racks fit the 2018 Adventure Sports Africa Twin?

    We dont have the 2018 on the WEB Yet, Add a note to the Order and we will get you the correct rack.

  • Hi, I'm interested in the DRZ400 Nightmare Fix - Seat QD Kit and I've reviewed the Installation Instructions, but I can't quite figure out how you mount and unmount the seat after this is installed. Most Dzus fasteners require some sort of twisting action to use them and these don't seem accessible. Anyway if you could enlighten me that would be great. Thanks!

    The kit allows you to mount the DSUZ fastener with the springs on top pf the fender or on the bottom of the fender. Some tail plates require the springs to be on top and you access the the DSUZ faster from the bottom with a flat tip screw driver and twist it to release it. I prefer to install the springs on the bottom, the Happy Trails Parts allow for this and the you can access from the top with the screw driver. 

  • I notice you remove passenger pegs to install. Can you re-install them?

    Remove the top bolt from the rear passenger peg brackets. These bolts will not be reused.

    Insert a 1/2” spacer into the top passenger peg bolt hole and secure rack using an M850S with M8 flat washer at this front mount point 

    You only remove top bolt and then install the rack. The passenger pegs remain in place.

  • Is this compatible with the 6.6 gallon IMS tank?

    Yes it will work with the IMS tank.

  • Will these fit the heed bars? It has been asked before - just wondering if you have more recent information. Is the fitment with crash bar issue just the diameter of the bar & skid plate mounting hardware?

    We don't have a confirmed installation. The design is similar to others so we don't see a big problem. Do you know the diameter of the cross over tube?  

  • Will this work with a Pirelli MT 43 Pro Trials Tire 4.00x18 ?

    We are good with the 4.00x18