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Extended Fuel Screw (Koubalink)
KLR650 All Years


Quick Overview

 Extended Fuel Screw Fits:  Kawasaki 84-up KLR250/600/650, 95-up KLX250/300, & 06-up KLX250 Dual Sport.


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PN. FS-2. Fits:  Kawasaki 84-up KLR250/600/650, 95-up KLX250/300, & 06-up KLX250 Dual Sport.

John says: "Don't be without it. The extended T-Handle Fuel Screw allows you to make easy, on-the-road carburetor adjustments required by elevation changes. You'll be glad you have it."

Note: the fuel screw comes naked and requires the OEM o-ring, washer and spring.

If you have ever tried to adjust the air/fuel mixture adjusting screw on a newer Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, or
Yamaha while the engine is running, one of these is a must! 

To adjust these mixture screws, the engine needs to be warmed up and running at a low idle. Then simply turn the "T" handle slowly in (clockwise) until the idle slows, then turn it out (counterclockwise) until the idle slows again, noting how many turns you made in between. Then turn it half way between the low idle points. That is normally as good as it gets.

You can also determine if the pilot jet is of the proper size. If the low idle point never comes when turning the fuel/air adjuster out, then a larger pilot may be required, and if low idle never comes after turning it in, then a smaller pilot jet may be required.


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