Heated Jacket Liner

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Available in sizes for both men and women, Firstgear’s heated jacket liner, pants liner, gloves and socks are wired to work together, fit comfortably, operate efficiently and, most importantly, maintain a safe and temperate riding experience. To top it off, the state-of-the-art Heat-Troller will vary the output of most other brands of heated apparel better than the original equipment. So instead of winterizing your motorcycle, keep it on the road by keeping yourself warm with tried-and-true, Firstgear Warm & Safe heated apparel.

Jacket Liner Features:

  • Available in 90-watt and 65-watt. Designed to be plugged into a DC power source or battery pack. Heat-trollers provide you with multiple ways to control the heat output in your heated gear.

  • Exclusive dual-zone heating system allows you to use the single or the dual Heat-troller without rewiring the liner. The liner is rated at 110 watts at 12.8 volts

  • Designed to be worn over a single layer of clothing like the TPG Basegear, a t-shirt or other lightweight garment. A protective outer jacket should always be worn over it.

  • Built to be temperature neutral, so that you can wear your liner all day and not have to change clothing when you need heat.

  • Lightweight soft nylon shell for minimum bulk, non-coated finish for maximum breathability

  • Form fitting, snug fit for optimum heat transfer to body

  • Heating pads on front, upper and lower back, sleeves and collar for full heat coverage

  • Integrated glove plugs and pants plug stow in their own zippered pockets when not in use

  • Flex panels and action back allow a full range of movement for any activity

  • Fleece inner collar to wick away moisture

  • Packs into its own zippered pouch–included

  • 1-year limited warranty on liners - lifetime warranty on wiring

To see how Warm & Safe products work together, open the Heated Gear Connections Chart then click on chart for larger image.