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PD Nerf Engine Guards for 2017 Suzuki DL650 XT

We received an email from a customer telling us the Happy Trails PD Nerf Engine Guards for his 2017 Suzuki DL650 XT were interfering with stock mud guard on the engine.

"I got my Happy Trails PD Nerf Engine Guards for my 2017 Suzuki DL650 XT and they  didn't fit over the plastic engine mud guard. So like all inventive people I made a modification.  It was removing a small section on the mud guard and I thought you might like the photos of how I accomplished the task."

The stock Mud Deflector on the XT interferes with the PD Nerf
You can a section of the plastic stock Mud Guard out
Section of plastic Mud Guard removed and everything fits to perfection.

The V Strom 650XT model is the only one with the factory Mud Guard. The Adventure Model and the Base Model for the 2017+ V Strom 650 do not have the mud guard.


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