When we are on Dual Sport ride or Adventure ride we have the opportunity to meet many people. There is something about meeting someone that has something to offer to you. In motorcycling we are always looking for a great ride that meets our needs and when someone takes you on  a ride that keeps a constant smile on your face you know you have a winner. One day I had the pleasure to meet Tom. Tom is an unassuming quiet person who speaks softly but you just know you need to listen when he speaks, Tom was on A Model KLR that looked like it was an early 90’s. When he was in the lead you catch a little dust every now and then from him other than that you did not see Tom until the next intesection and he was waiting patiently for us!

For me a mix of paved , improved gravel,  two track and ATV roads and trails are just what I am looking for. Tom said he had something like that and if we wanted we could follow him. Off we went for a great treat.


This might only be 104 miles but it will take you  more than 2 hours to ride the loop.Plan on 4-6 hours to complete the trip. The section of ATV trail between Middle Butte and Highway 12 can prove a little difficult for some rider. This section starts at about 5200 feet and drops down to 1800 at the river. The grade is steep and coming down in 1st gear compression introduces rear wheel steering and you are constantly fighting the bike. I find it much easier to shift up to 3rd gear and coast through the rocky sections. By coasting over the rocks you are not fighting ting the bike and it makes for a much easier ride. There is gas available at Lowell, kooskia & Kamiah


Check the ride out on Google maps Tom's Ride Google Map

We have also added a PDF for viewing Tom's Ride PDF


When we are in the Kamiah area we stay at the Lewis & Clark Resort. The Motel, Cabins, RV Park and onsite restaurant make it the ideal headquarters for your Adventure Ride.

Check out the GPX file below