Happy Trails Product is proud to announce Kawasaki Versys 300 SU Rack Luggage Rack.

With Kawasaki’s introduction of the Versys 300 in 2017 it left some wondering what the bike would be like. We keep hearing “entry level”, “low price” and “beginner” terms tossed around describing the Versys 296cc parallel twin. Don Canet in a Cycle World article had a comment that stuck with me. “ Kawasaki has delivered a bike that’s destined to become a top-seller in its line.”

It has been proven to me over and over that a Dual Sport bike (current term Adventure Bike) does not have to bust the bank to be meet your needs. As a matter of fact my motto is “don’t out ride your deductible”. Bottom line is you want something that will perform on the weekend and take you on a multi day trip also. In my opinion the KLR has set the benchmark that ALL of the Dual Sport Bikes are judged by. Will the Versys 300 replace the KLR? No way, they each meet a need and I have been assured the only thing left after WWIII will be cockroaches and the KLR.

What the Versys does offer is a proven 296cc parallel twin that will give ample performance on backroads and get riders where want they go on dirt roads. The budget for the bike will also be appealing. The bike had enough appeal to Happy Trails that we would design parts for it.

The Happy Trails SU Rack has gone through significant design changes over the last 20 + years and the current version the Point1 pressed insert design, has proven to be the most rugged yet.

The Versys 300 SU Rack  is a pleasure to install and you DO NOT have to relocate the turn signals.  

Our first installer stated “The parts you sent went on in 10 minutes”.  

We have also included our inner tool mount that has been welded on the both SU Racks making storage on your Versys 300 very efficient!.

To allow for frame “drift” we used slotted tabs at the two upper mounting points. Frames are like a red headed step child when it comes to fitment. The 2008 to 2017 KLR has three quarters of an inch drift between mount points.

At the passenger foot peg we used a “spud” type of mount due to the space confinement.

The Versys 300 SU Rack  uses our rear bumper for added strength. The Tabs welded on the SU are in the X travel and the tabs welded on the bumper are in the Y Travel. This allows for perfect alignment from side to side.

The width of Versys 300  SU Rack is 21.5 inches. The handlebar width is 33.75 inches.

As you can see from the Chart above the Imnaha and Owyhee 6” panniers are narrower than the handlebars.

What is in your garage?