Happy Trails SU Racks & Panniers are the best choice for your Adventure Bike

Ken Hunter Packing Seminar Happy Trails Racks & Panniers

Our friend Ken Hunter has put many miles on Happy Trails SU Racks & Panniers since we first met. Ken’s video Packing A Dual Sport Motorcycle For An Adventure Ride - Ken Hunter Seminar has helped many a rider with their packing. After you have watched his video you will see how Ken has become a strategic packer with his Happy Trails Panniers to make multiple day trips a pleasure.

Ken Hunter at Corral Lookout
Ken Hunter

Happy Trails Panniers 101 Blog Post was created because riders had questions on the features and construction of the Panniers.

Happy Trails Pannier

The SU Rack will work for Happy Trails Panniers and other Hard Luggage or Soft Luggage. We designed the SU Rack because of the riders needs.

HTP has been making Racks for luggage since the 1990’s. We built the OSR (Original Side Racks) to accommodate the throw over soft saddlebags. I recently came across an article by Kurt Simpson in the July August 1999 “Dual Sport News” where Kurt was trying a set of our “SU Racks”.

1999 Article from Dual Sport News

At that time we were modifying Gott coolers for Soft Luggage that were semi rigid. The debate was always;

  • Do you want soft luggage 
  • Do you want hard luggage

Early SU Rack from Happy Trails
Happy Trails Racks & Panniers
Dual Sport News Article 1999

 HTP SU Racks & Panniers were being built at that time.

Riders continue the debate that started with the first motorcycle.

Some of the basic questions I like to ask to help someone what they need for luggage are: 

  • What are you security issues? Do you have weapons, valuable items or medications that need protected. 
  • Are you a hiker? Will you be leaving your bike in remote locations for several hours. Will you need to secure your riding gear?
  • Are you riding single or two up?
  • Are you a motorcycle rider or a motorcycle rider that uses the bike for camping.

Can you see why these questions are important?