Happy Trails manufacturers panniers at our shop in Boise Idaho. We have five families of panniers and various Top Boxes. We also make custom aluminum panniers and boxes as well as some custom aluminum tanks.

The five families of panniers are:

  • Teton 15" H x 18" L - Width options: 7.5" 33 liters, 9" 39 liters and 10.5" 45 liters
  • Cascade 18"H x 18"L x 7.5" width and 38.5 liters.
  • Denali: 20"H x 18"L x 7.5" width and 47 liters
  • Imnaha 12"H x 15"L x 5" width and 13.8 liters
  • Owyhee: 21.5-31.5L - 14" H x 16" L - Width options: 6" 21.5 liters, 7.5" 27 liters and 9" 31.5 liters

Note: A 3/4" lip makes the opening on all boxes 1-1/2" smaller than box measurement. This lip provides a watertight seal and the strongest in the industry pannier.

All of the Happy Trails Panniers have a Canyon Cut on them. See description below.

The Teton Panniers have two other options, Clif Cut and Exhaust Cut.

The Clif-cut (shown below) is a term describing a 1.5" - 45 degree cut-out on the inside (tire side) of the pannier. It is designed for bikes with wide protruding exhaust  to create a more symmetrical weight distribution when panniers are mounted and loaded. For bikes with asymmetrical racks it keeps the load on the exhaust side box as close as possible to the center of the bike. This also allows for a wider lid opening.  For bikes with symmetrical racks the Clif Cut option can also be used on both sides.

The Exhaust Cut  is a term describing a 1.5" - 90 degree cut-out on the inside (tire side) of the pannier. This option is used on BMW Oilheads.

The Denali panniers (shown below) have a portion of the pannier that comes underneath the rack. You might think of it as a toe on boot. The Clif Cut option is available for the Denali and this give a very efficient pannier that extends above the the top and bottom of the rack.

Happy Trails panniers and top boxes are TIG welded of .080” (2.04mm)  aluminum, among the thickest in the industry, and no glue or rivets are used in construction.

  • Once installed, panniers are easily removable with two Quick-Disconnect knobs located inside each pannier
  • All panniers are designed for two-up riding (riding with a passenger)


Panniers are easily removable with our mounting system. Unscrew the two knobs inside the pannier, and the pannier is released. It takes about  5-10 seconds per pannier. See Installation Photos

  1. Open lid of pannier
  2. Loosen the two mounting knobs

High quality cam latches give you the best gasket seal in the industry... our panniers and top boxes have no leaks! Each is lockable with the lock that is incorporated into the lid or with two padlocks (not included). Lids come with Happy Loops  for strapping on additional gear. Four Happy Loops are standard on each pannier  lid.

All Happy Trails panniers and top boxes have our new Slot Hinge Design™  (photo below) an industry leading technology designed to meet the needs of today's adventure touring. The Slot Hinge Lid™ has a pivot hinge on the outside of the pannier. When running panniers with a top box some riders convert panniers to lift-off lids, easily done by removing the one hinge-screw on each hinge. All panniers and top boxes come with the hinged design for liability purposes... no exceptions are made.

 Canyon-cut is a term describing a 45 degree bevel cut on the bottom outside edge of our panniers. This is a safety feature. If you go down, a 90 degree angle will dig into the road surface.  A 45 degree angle is more likely to slide, a less violent event for the box, the rack and the bike. Some Top Boxes are Canyon Cut to provide clearance for pannier opening. It also offers visual symmetry with the panniers and breaks up the square look of the box. We do offer a top box with no Canyon Cut for applications where square corners are more suitable.

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