Happy Trails BMW F850 SU Rack is just what you are looking for. 

Happy Trails BMW F850 SU Rack & Top Plate

Happy Trails has the BMW F750 & F850 has the SU Rack with the Point1 pressed insert design which adds to the ease and functionality you've come to expect from our pannier systems. Details HERE.  

The SU Rack should be a thirty minute install!  

The design of the SU Rack is a symmetrical design. 

The total width of the racks is 23”.

This SU Rack has the Inner Tool Base Welded in on the non exhaust side so you can add an Inner Tool/Carrier System.

This system allows you to load the inner space of symmetrical SU racks with the can't-leave-behind essentials, so you can leave the panniers back at camp. 

Here is a link for Inner Tool Tray so you can run a bag or something you choose.

If want a tool tube you can use the Universal Tool Tube Mount with 67670 Tool Tube.

67670 Tool Tube with mount
Happy Trails BMW F850 67670 Tool Tube with Universal Mount.

You can also use the Givi S250 Tool Box with the Happy Trails Mount.

Happy Trails BMW F850 GIVI S250 Tool Box mounted to SU Rack

The SU Rack Weight is 12 pounds with hardware and is finished with Hammertone Black powder coat paint so you will have a durable lasting finish.

Happy Trails Teton Pannier Kit has many options.

Pannier Kit Features:

  • Exclusive and thoroughly tested 4th generation side racks
  • Four point mounting system (includes mounting hardware)
  • Strong 5/8" round tubing for the arms and 3/4" square tubing for SU loop
  • Bumper support between the two side racks adds strength, stability and protection
  • Racks improve the structural integrity of the rear sub-frame adding protection for the bike in case of tip overs.
  • Panniers come with  pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • Puck mounting kit is included
  • Choice of Bare Aluminum Finish or Hammertone Black Powder Coat Paint

 Pannier choices for the Teton Kit are from 7 1/2 inch width to 10 1/2 inch widths and you have a choice of the standard Teton Pannier or the Clif Cut Teron Pannier.

Capacity for the panniers vary from 26 liters to 45 liters.

Happy Trails BMW F850 Pannier Chart

The Happy Trails Tail Plate is perfect for the duffel or Top Box

The Tail Plate is made out of 1/8" 5052 aluminum, with numerous cut outs of straps so you can have readily accessible tie down points.  

Happy Trails BMW F850 Tail Plate

The dimensions for the Tail Plate  are 12 inches by 16 inches.

The Tail Plate has a Hammertone Black Powder Coat paint.

No one makes a stronger rack and no one offers a better warranty. Our racks are built to take it ... anywhere ... anytime ... in any conditions. True adventure touring racks. When your trip depends on it accept no substitute.