This is a 126 mile loop starting and ending at Lewis & Clark Resort near Kamiah. The Elk City Wagon Road is picked up at Clear Creek and is followed to Elk City with the exception of two detours to Corral Hill Lookout and Pilot Knob Lookout.

The US Forest Service has published the  Elk City Wagon Road PDF and we have it available to download at the bottom of the post. The "ECWR" Waypoints correspond with the PDF.

Corral Hill Lookout is about a 1/4 mile off of the Elk City Wagon Road.

Tim, Gary, Joe &

The Nez Perce Forest has an informative PDF Lookout Styles Nez Perce National Forest that gives the different styles of lookouts.

Bill & Gary waving to their KTM'

Pilot Knob Lookout has a primitive road for access a 4WD or or an Adventure Bike with a competent rider is recommended. It is approximately 4 miles to the lookout.

The lookout offers a great view of the surrounding area. I guess that is why they built it there. Sort of like the lady that wanted the “Deer Crossings” moved!


After Newsome the Wagon Road and the improved road separate. The Elk City Wagon Road at this point is now an ATV Trail.

This is between MM 22 & 23 on the ECWR PDF, the waypoint is Bear Creek.

As I was researching for this post I discovered the Elk Summit Lookout.

“One of only four active Aermotor lookouts remaining in the USFS Northern Region, Elk Summit has been a lookout site since a crow’s nest observation point was established there in 1911. The 100’ tower with 7’ x 7’ cab was built in 1934 and is still used on an as-needed basis by the Elk City Ranger District of the Nez Perce National Forest.”

Grab lunch in Elk City and fuel if you need it The return from Elk City goes via Lookout Butte.

Tim & Ken Lookout-Butte-

Lookout-Butte-Lookout is a rental unit that goes for $40.00 a night.

Average speed could be about 25 MPH and add several hours for stops. So plan a full day.

Google Map Elk City Wagon Road lookout Loop

Google Map PDF Elk City Wagon Road Lookout loop PDF

Check out the GPX file below.


Checkout PDF of the Elk City Wagon road below.