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Tim Says ...

  • Pannier Questions

    Pannier questions....Tim received extensive feedback from a customer who rode 5,200 miles of dirt roads across America with Happy-Trail panniers. For Tim it was a good experience answer pannier questions and a beneficial exchange. There were many things the customer liked about his panniers. He liked the finished look they gave his bike, found them surprisingly waterproof in the worst of downpours, easy to pack with excellent loading capacity, light ... and great to use as a table when he wanted to stand and eat along the side of the trail!

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  • Getting Away… never as easy as you think

    Well, Dave and I are on the road… Hwy 395 south of Bishop along the Eastern Sierra Mountains. On our way the the Rawhyde Rally.

    Saturday I found the trailer with standing gas on the floor from a cut O Ring (on tank QD fastener) on the 1150 GSA. This is a common occurrence so in March/02 I’d bought spare O Rings from Big Twin and had them in my KLR pannier. After unloading the KLR and the GS, I repaired the fitting, then hosed the trailer down and scrubbed it out.

    The next news was from Sherry… the Motor Home fridge was off and the freezer defrosted! The night before I had thought about plugging in the land line but I was just too tired. And anyway, the fridge would be fine with propane so no problem. Well, now it was a problem … it turned out that when the propane was filled the tank valve didn’t get turned back on. I turned it on.

    I dropped Sherry and Booker off at Costco to buy road supplies and went to Big Twin to get spare O Rings to carry with me. Fred suggested I update to the new metal style (the plastic fittings get brittle and break). I said “Gimme 2 so I’ll have a spare.” Useph cashiered me out and those two fittings and two clamps were over $80! I coughed and Useph said “They have the BMW logo on them”. We laughed. We all know what a logo does to the price.

    On top of everything else I was fighting intestinal problems all day. In the middle of everything we were doing I would suddenly say: “I gotta go” and I really meant it. To make matters worse, Sherry was laughing at me!

    By the end of the day, thanks to a lot of help from Booker and Sherry we were repacked and all set to go.

    Sunday started watching the sun come up as I soaked my tired bones in the hot tub. I went to work for a while, cleaned up the office and got a few last things done… then home to breakfast. Thanks Sherry.

    After breakfast Church, and then off to get Dave with the first stop Fred Meyer to gas up. No gas … data network was down. So off to the Maverick, filled up with no problem and even got one of their cards for discounts!

    Picked up Dave and we took the back over to Walters Ferry and Sommer Camp Road to Hwy 95. Dave Driving.

    I checked the weather for Death Valley. It was heading to over 100 degrees so we decided to bypass that part of the trip. With the forecast showing HIGH wind going south for Tuesday we decided to get to Rawhyde earlier and ride from there.

    We planned to have dinner with a high school friend in Yerington. With 56 miles to go we pulled off in Fernley to catch 95A and get gas. Getting out we discovered a shredded left front trailer tire! So dinner was off. We went to Tom’s (Sherry’s brother) in Fernley where we changed the tire and then went to dinner at the famous Mary & Moes’ Wigwam in Fernley.

    With a new tire ($122) we traveled until after midnight, stopping at Chalfant Ca. alongside the road for the night, and pulling into Bishop this morning. We’re now on Hwy 14 headed south.

    Thanks to the Happy Trails staff for all your help in getting the “Road Show” on the road.


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