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  1. Happy Trails has the KTM790 luggage options you need.

    Happy Trails has the KTM790 luggage options you need. The KTM790 SU Rack has the Happy Trails Point1 pressed insert design which adds to the ease and functionality you've come to expect from our pannier systems. Details HERE.   The SU Rack should be a fifteen to  thirty minute install!   KTM 790 Happy Trails SU Side Rack The design of the SU Rack is an asymmetrical design. The total width of the racks is 22” therefore the offset is about 2 3/16”. Weight: 11-12 lbs with hardware Finish: black powder coat paint only Using the Happy Trails Clif Cut Pannier design we decrease the offset to  1 1/2” which leaves 11/16” difference, so the offset is really not that noticeable of an offset with the panniers on the bike. The Teton Panniers come in three widths, 71/2”, 9” and 10 1/2”. Continue reading →
  2. Tougher Than Hell KLR Skid Plate

    Happy Trails started manufacturing skid plates for the KLR in 1991, inspired by fellow adventure rider Damon Powell of Team Dual Dogs. In fact, some of those original skid plates can still be found on a few early model KLR's. Our latest skid plate incorporates 20 years of customer feedback and experience to create what we think will be another industry leading design properly named the Tougher Than Hell KLR Skid Plate.   One of those long-standing options for the Happy Trails Skid Plates has been the Impact Isolator Kit to incorporate noise reduction to reduce reflected noise to the rider. But even more important is this Impact Isolators Kit design to promote a soft mount and impact dissipation rather than transferring all energy to the floor of the Happy Trails Skid Plate and to the mounts.. Continue reading →
  3. New Product Announcement Happy Trails SL Rack for Kawasaki KLR650 (all years)

    Congratulations to our Fab team for producing a remarkable product at an even more remarkable price. We're talking about HTP4-1-2M, the new Happy Trails SL Rack for the KLR650 (all years) priced at only $99.99. This rack provides protection for the expensive plastic side panels when running all manner of soft luggage. It is perfectly designed for the Happy Trails...

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