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  • How HT Panniers and Crash Bars Prevented A Serious Injury

    When our designers and engineers set out to create equipment or accessories for an adventure motorcycle, they start with the desires of the rider in mind – after all, all of us here at Happy Trails, are motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves.  We want to create products that we would want to use, products that are functional, reliable, easy to install, and strong enough to hold up to the rigors of off-road riding for years to come.  In short, we want to create products that are better than anything else currently on the market.

    Because of that focus, we often get feedback from our customers thanking us for our high-quality products, however, last month we received customer feedback describing a situation that we thought was amazing, and want to share.  In his letter, Nick explains how the HT panniers and crash bars he had added to his Triumph Tiger prevented a serious injury when they were struck by a car.

    Hey guys,
    A week ago, I was hit on my Triumph Tiger by a vehicle sliding sideways down the road after losing control.   I was traveling at about 20-25mph. I had my Happy Trails Denali Panniers and crash bars equipped on my Triumph Tiger.

    Thankfully because of the pannier, the car made impact with that first instead of my passengers’ leg. We walked away near scot-free and went about our day like nothing had happened. The pannier saved my passenger from what easily could have been a horribly mangled leg.  Thanks to your steel construction and tough rack mount a tragedy was avoided.

    So, thank you. Thank you for the high-quality products that prevented a serious injury, and saved my bike from any damage!

    We are grateful to hear that everyone was OK, and thank you Nick, for sharing your experience with us.

    As a company, we could make more money by outsourcing our manufacturing to other countries, and by using lower quality materials, however, we decided a long time ago we would employ members of our own community, and we make only the highest quality parts right here in Boise, ID USA. Receiving letters like this is a great reminder to us that that decision was the right thing to do.  

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