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  1. What Child is This

    What Child is this? What Child is this? What a great question! Did you know that the song “What Child is this” was written in 1865 by William Chatterton Dix. At the time he was recovering from the illness he underwent a spiritual renewal. How is it that at times when we think we are down and out we are on the edge of greatness, if we would only persist a bit longer. This year for Christmas Sherry and Jen talked about volunteering somewhere and through Jen’s work at ACOSTA an opportunity came about through the Idaho Youth Ranch and Hayes House. Supplying Christmas Eve dinner for Hayes House and Hands of Promise along with gifts and necessities was the mission. Mike, Jen, The employees at ACOSTA would furnish the food, gifts, blankets, necessities and Gift Cards for the teen residents. WOW is all I can say about the contributions that came out of this. Sherry immediately started networking through Boise Basin Quilters to supply a quilt for each of the teen residents. Through Sherry’s efforts twenty five quilts were supplied! Some of the quilts were complete and some were not, this prompted more networking and the whirr of the sewing machines were persistent until all twenty five of the precious quilts were completed. Continue reading →
  2. Big Nasty Hill Climb Dual Sport Ride sponsored by Happy Trails

    This was a ride we did in 2010 from Boise to watch  Big Nasty Hill Climb.......Welcome to the Big Nasty Dual Sport Ride sponsored by Happy Trails products at www.happy-trail.com. This ride is for Dual Sport and Adventure Bikes only. On the ride you will encounter city streets, dirt roads, two track roads and paved roads. Please be advised that this is an enjoyable ride and not a race. You need to ride with caution and be expecting oncoming traffic at all times. Continue reading →

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