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Happy Trails SU Side Rack
BMW F650-F700-F800GS Twin

SKU: HTP1-8-1.1T

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Happy Trails SU Side Rack
BMW F650-F700-F800GS Twin

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The SU (Structurally Unique) Rack is designed for use with soft or fixed luggage of any type. Perfect for mounting aluminum panniers, GIVI luggage, Pelican cases or any luggage you choose.

The F650/F700/F800GS Twin SU rack

has our new Point1 pressed insert design and welded in Inner Tool Rack mount plate. This adds to the ease and functionality you've come to expect from our pannier systems. Details HERE.


  • Exclusive and thoroughly tested 4th generation side racks
  • Four point mounting system (includes mounting hardware)
  • Strong 5/8" round tubing for the arms and 3/4" square tubing for SU loop
  • Bumper support between the two side racks adds strength, stability and protection
  • Racks improve the structural integrity of the rear sub-frame adding protection for the bike in case of tipovers.

The SU is compatible with our Top Plate  and other top plates that use the 4 mounting points similar to ours.

Bike specific rack means no compromise as with universal type racks. Each and every rack is fabricated by our expert craftsmen to take advantage of the existing structural points and design of the individual bike.

Unmatched strength. No one makes a stronger rack and no one offers a better warranty. Our racks are built to take it ... anywhere ... anytime ... in any conditions. True adventure touring racks. When your trip depends on it accept no substitute.

Finish: black powder coat paint only
Bike width with SU rack installed: 23.25"
Width measured from center: right side = 11", exhaust side = 12.25"

All Happy Trails products are crafted in Idaho



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  • When I bought my F700 GS I ordered Happy Trails luggage to go with it because I heard it was "bombproof." I later switched to soft luggage, but kept my SU racks because I heard "They are so strong they could be used as frame sliders." Yesterday I got rear-ended by an SUV. I am sorry to say that the SU racks are not SUVproof. They are mangled and broken. I suspect they may have saved my life. The SUV hit me so hard it bent the bike's subframe, frame, and even crunched the seat pan! I suspect the insurance company will "total" the bike. I, however, am unhurt. I am so impressed with these racks that I am planning to put Happy Trails luggage racks on whatever bike I end up riding next. I am wondering if the SL racks are as strong as the SU racks? The SL racks are prettier, but I do not want to sacrifice crash protection.
    The SL Rack is lighter duty than the SU. The tube is a smaller diameter and the loops are not reinforced with our pem-plates. There also not a crossover bumper.
    The SU is by far the sturdiest,
    We are happy to hear you are OK.
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  • Do you have su panier rack for a 2013 f 800 gsa

    You can find that HERE

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