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Maxima Coolanol
50/50 Premium Coolant

SKU: 82964

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Maxima Coolanol is a ready-to-use 50/50 blend of premium quality anti-freeze and deionized water to provide optimum rust and corrosion protection for all aluminum and magnesium motorcycle and ATV liquid cooled engines. Coolanol also contains anti-foam agents to reduce water pump cavitation and increase cooling capacity. Coolanol 50/50 blend protects from freeze-ups in winter down to -34??F. Coolanol also raises your cooling systems boiling point to 265??F with a 15 lb. radiator cap. This extremely low-silicate fluid is ideally suited for all motorcycle applications.

  • Unsurpassed 265??F+ boil point and -34??F freeze point

  • Special additives protect against cavitation, foaming, rust and corrosion, lubricates water pump and conditions seals

  • Pre-mixed ready-to-use, increases boiling point

  • 50/50 blend of premium anti-freeze and de-ionized water

  • Convenient ready-to-use blend

  • Nitrate, Amine, Borax Free!

  • 100% Biodegradable in its unused form

Size: 64 ounces


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