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Add lights to your PD Nerf Protection System.
Perfect complement to the PD Nerf Protection System.
New for the E series KLR650 ...
Have an "A" model KLR? Here is the PDNerf Special for you.

Special! PD Nerf plus Skid Plate
Kawasaki KLR650E 2008-Present

SKU HTP4-8-5BPlus

Buy our exclusive PD Nerf engine/tank protection and we'll throw in our new Happy Trails Skid Plate for just $80 (a savings of $34.95).

PD Nerf

For the ultimate in KLR650 protection, select our exclusive PD (Paris Dakar) Nerf Design. Loops of 5/8 inch tubular steel protect your expensive fuel tank and shrouds. The PD Nerf package includes our exclusive third generation engine guard/highway peg combination (EG-3).

The EG-3's one inch steel base tube adds additional support and the highway pegs give the rider more choice in riding positions for comfort mile after mile. A bonus is that the highway pegs give protection for the engine side cases... then they easily fold-up when not in use. 

Weight: PD-Nerf uppers are 7 lbs, EG-3 is 4.5 lbs., Skid Plate is 6.2 lbs.
Color PD Nerf/EG3: Black powder-coat only.
Color Skid plate: Black Hammertone or Silver Vein Powder-Coat (click here for close-up)

Install tip from Heath: It's a little bit tricky getting the right side crossover through, that's for sure. A second set of hands is very helpful in getting the two sides lined up, but it's not strictly necessary. My preferred method is to slide it in through the right side. It's easiest to pull the right side cover off of the radiator shroud and gently slide it in under the voltage regulator that's behind the radiator reserve tank on the right side there. The only real caution when doing this is not to dislodge the wire running to the bottom of the voltage regulator. If I remember correctly the wire's black and yellow, although it's been a couple of months since I installed these. Gently slide it in and have your helper (if possible) hold the left side while lining the two up. I usually insert the long bolts through the aluminum clamp, then through the non-threaded crossover. If you do this, gently wiggling the threaded side into place will be much easier.

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Enhance your PD Nerf Protection system with the purchase of a pair of PD Nerf Expedition Bags. Each bag adds 5.5 liters of storage right where it counts ... down-low and up-front. Click here for an image.

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