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MadStad Easy-Adjust 3 pc Adventure
Windscreen System KLR650E 2008+

SKU MAD-04-08-ADV-xx-xxx

Transform your ride with MadStad RoboBrackets adjustable wind management system.This is a complete 3-piece drop-in system custom made for the KLR650 (2008+).

System includes:

  • Black aluminum mounting base
  • Adjustable RoboBrackets
  • 18" or 20" Adventure-style windshield

The kit includes everything you need to mount your RoboBracket system, including the adjustment wrenches to position your shield.

The mounting base is a black powder-coated aluminum windshield which drops right in where the stock shield used to be. Because of its strength, it stiffens up the fairing and provides a solid mounting base. The adjustable RoboBrackets bolt to this base and an 18" (450mm) clear windshield attaches to the brackets and becomes the new primary shield, fully adjustable for height, tilt and depth.

With the windshield "detached" from the fairing you now get lots of air underneath it which eliminates the turbulence-causing vacuum behind it. The height, depth and angle adjustment give you total control over the airflow and position of your shield, so one size shield works for many different size riders..

See RoboBracket positions

See windscreen positions

Note: Depending on the windshield position, it is possible that your handguards may touch the edges of the shield before full lock. This could be an issue if you drop your bike and the handguards strike the edges of the shield. Of course the shield could break anyway depending on how your bike lands... It's just important that you are aware of this before purchasing, especially if you do a lot of offroad riding.

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