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K9 Fork Brace KLR650A '87-'07

SKU: HTP4-1-9

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Kawasaki KLR650 K-9 Fork Brace - We are no longer anodizing the fork braces, we are just selling the bare billet aluminum fork braces as of 4/1/16!!!!

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New Billet Aluminum K-9 Fork Brace Special Sale!

As good as the KLR650 is, the 2008+ comes up short in key areas. The K-9 Fork Brace ends the commonly experienced brake pull and general feeling of instability in this bike. Custom made for the KLR and easily installed.

Note: This fork brace also fits the model C KLR with 41mm forks.

Tim says: The need for better suspension and handling is a progressive issue. The more experience you have and the more aggressive you ride, the more aware you become of need to supplement the front forks on the KLR650.

Please note the HT Logo is embossed but not painted white as pictured. The Happy Trails Fork Brace is made from 6061 billet anodized aluminum and includes SS bolts and zinc plated nuts.  We are no longer anodizing the fork braces, we are just selling the bare billet aluminum fork braces as of 4/1/16!!!!

All Happy Trails Products are designed and crafted in Idaho


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  • Hi,How are you doing?I have a 1987 KLR 650. I was riding on the highway, and it was very unstable.I have knobby tires front and back.I am wondering how I can make the bike more stable at highway speeds?Thanks!

    Without seeing a bike the question is very open and the obvious is not apparent.

    Do let's start with this:

    1. Tires are new and DOT approved and are at the correct tire pressure.
    2. Steering head bearings have been inspected and are to spec.
    3. Rear tire is aligned correctly.
    4. Sub-frame bolts have been replaced and torqued.
    5. The bike is not laded and we are dealing with the rider only.
    6. Rear suspension sag is set correctly.
    7. Front forks are lowered no more than 9/16 of an inch.
    8. Triple Clamp bolts have been loosed and re-torqued.

    There are probably more things that need to checked but the idea is to eliminate all possibilities and the bike is maintained well.

    When we first made the K9 Happy Trails Fork brace in the 90's we took some to a gathering in Moab. We were south of Moab at Arrowhead Motorcycle Shop and a gentleman by the name of Gino that published Dual Sport News had Dunlop 606 tire on his KLR. We installed one on his KLR and Gino road into town and back. The road was under construction and the asphalt ad been taken up and a grooved section of road was left. Gino's comments were that he not have the scary ride on the grooves he had mealier in the day with out the fork brace on the grooved surface.

    The bike is a system that has be tuned and if one of the systems is out of spec the handling of the bike will suffer.

    The fork brace is designed to make the bike work like the engineer intended it to by taking the flex out of the front forks. If the problems is with tires or something else that fork brace can not overcome those issues.

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  • Hi, Will this brace fit my KLR600? Regards,Murat

    I am not sure it will fit the KLR600. You can try it and see. If not you can return it.

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