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Replacement Gasket
Panniers & Top Boxes


Quick Overview

Easy do-it-yourself gasket replacement.

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This replacement gasket is 68" long and fits all sizes of Happy-Trail panniers and top boxes.

It's simple to install... to ensure a good, tight seal follow these instructions:

  • Start in the middle of the inboard side and as you work it around, push in hard to seat it.
  • Make sure to work the corners in hard to get a good seat.
  • When you get back around to the starting point do not cut the gasket material at the joint... cut it one inch past the joint.
  • Pull the beginning gasket out two inches... you now have 3 inches of gasket and 2 inches of space.
  • Seat both ends at same time...  they will be slightly bowed out. Push them in until fully seated. This method forces both sides to push in on the joint, giving you a good seal.


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