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DRZ400S-KLX400S Battery Upgrade Kit

SKU: HTP7-3-31

Quick Overview

DRZ400S Battery Box Upgrade Kit.  Battery output and reserve is increased by 70% from 70 CCA to 120 CCA. 

Powersonic AGM Battery

Bikemaster Trugel

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No More Battery Issues with the DRZ!

Here in Idaho with its thousands of miles of dirt roads and single track we've come to love the Suzuki DRZ400. It is nimble, light enough, and dead-on reliable ... except for its tiny 70 CCA battery. The limited output and reserve of this battery makes us nervous any time we put it to the test. Run out of gas? Lay the bike over and flood it? Start the DRZ on a cold morning? All of these events are enough to cause holding of breath. No one wants to push start one of these bikes in a parking lot let alone out in the wilderness.

Announcing the Happy Trails DRZ battery upgrade. Our custom steel box provides an immediate robust solution to the DRZ's battery woes. Easily installed with supplied bolts and spacers the Happy Trails battery box replaces the stock plastic unit and requires only a very small amount of trimming of the inner fender (template included). Once installed the bike is ready for the larger battery used in 4 cylinder Honda and Yamaha sport bikes. Battery output and reserve is increased by 70% from 70 CCA to 120 CCA. 


  • Constructed of 16 guage precision p;asma cut steel
  • Powder coated durable black finish
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Trim template included in kit
  • Useable near sensitive electronic equipment
  • Comes with adhesive back foam to ensure a snug protected fit


Breathe easy and upgrade your battery now!

Note: This kit is not compatible the DRZ400SM (Super Motard) due to the large rear tire on that bike. The recommended tire size that has been tested with this battery box is 120/90-18. Other tire sizes are not warranted to work.

If your order includes a battery, it will be fully charged when you receive it. Here is a peek at our Battery Station.

All Happy Trails products are crafted in Boise, Idaho



Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Will this fit a 2007 DRZ400E?

    The HTP7-3-31 Battery Box was not designed around the 'E" off Road model. The tire clearance is really tight and I would think you might have an interference issue.

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  • What are the actual inside dimensions of the box?Also what are the list of battery models that will work in your box?

    It is approximately 6 1/4" by 4 1/4"

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