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Yamaha WR250R
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Corbin Dual Sport Saddle
Yamaha WR250R

The Corbin Dual Sport Saddle is perfect for Yamaha's go-anywhere, do-anything bike. It combines the functionality of an offroad seat with the comfort of Corbin's ergonomic design. This seat works great for dirt, trail and street with cool Corbin styling for good looks.


  • High-density Comfort Cell foam retains resiliency so seating platform can be lower
  • For off-road riding there is enough nose to slide up the tank for fast corners
  • Wider than stock with denser, sculpted foam to equalize pressure in all riding conditions
  • Wider sculpted bucket shape at the rear for comfort on paved rides
  • Covered with highest grade weather resistant materials for durable, long life
  • Black asphalt material on the top seating area for traction
  • Accented with asphalt vinyl in the side panels
  • The traditional Corbin tag has been replaced with a tasteful Corbin logo stitched right into the side panel

Measurements: Rider seating approximately 10.5" wide and 22" long. Seat height approximately 32".

Installs like stock with a tongue in front and two mounting bolts from under the fender into the saddle (bolts included).

Corbin seats are a special order item (except for the KLR650) with a delivery time of six to twelve weeks. A 50% non-refundable deposit is charged when we receive your order and the balance will be charged when the seat is shipped.

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