Leo Vince LV-One Slip-On Exhaust in STAINLESS Tiger 800/800XC

SKU LV8491

LV-One Slip-On Exhaust in Stainless / Triumph Tiger 800/800CX.

LeoVince SBK introduced a new line for 2011, the LV One, which is LeoVince SBK's newest entry-level exhaust.

Building off the success and modern lines of the SBK Factory range, the LV One assumes the shape and construction of that design and adds new materials and a redesigned end-cap. The LV One is the most premium entry-level exhaust in the market.


  • The LV One assumes the shape of the Facory range
  • The LV One end-cap is made of a new black "Technopolymer"
  • Substantial weight savings over stock
  • Slip-ons boost horsepower across RPM range
  • Sleeve options are either
  • Matte Stainless Steel or carbon fiber

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