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Waterproof & tear resistant.
Waterproof & tear resistant.
For the weekend warrior.

Adventure Tire and Tube
Repair Kit

SKU 0364-0009-KIT

At Happy Trails we know what it means to change a tire... here is a kit that provides everything you need to change both tubes and tubeless tires.


  • One 22 piece tire tackle
  • One tire valve puller
  • Three 8-1/2" tire irons
  • One T-6 Trail Bead Buddy
  • One tough fabric kit bag
  • Talcum powder
  • Cleaning rag


  • Optional Happy Trails Tire Bead Breaker
  • Optional Slime Pump (with slime)
  • Optional 7.5" cube liner bag.

Bead Breaker. Add a Happy Trails Tire Bead Breaker for $59.97.

Slime Pump. Add one slime tire inflator (with slime) to your order for $49.95.

Cube Liner Bag. Add 7.5" cube liner bag to your order for $20.00. The bag holds all parts of your new Adventure Tire and Repair Kit together in one place.

Your Price $69.70
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