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DRZ400 Nightmare Fix - Seat QD

SKU HTP7-3-17

This fix allows the user to solve the problem caused by a welded aluminum threaded boss on the subframe. This boss is prone to failure during tipovers with any DRZ400/KLX400s luggage rack that utilizes the seat-mounting bolts. It’s not “if” it’s “when” your bike will fall over... This boss is a bearing load. Any pressure from the outside of the bike will break the weld. Our solution is to drill-through the boss to re-distribute the force of the impact.

Additional Benefits:
An added benefit of the kit is the ability to quickly remove the seat without disturbing any accessories or side panels. This kit has been developed to address several problem areas on the DRZ platform, particularly when built up for touring. It is a wonderful modification for any DRZ or KLX.

Tim Sez: We developed this product as a result of helping local riders repair these weld failures. Many thought the fault was with our rack. That simply isn't the case. The weakness is due to a poorly engineered point for luggage carry.


  • Fixes a known weakness in the DRZ/KLX subframe
  • Makes it more “ok” for your bike to go down
  • Remove the seat in seconds. Allows quick removal of the tank without removing side panels.

: This product is difficult to install - requires metal saw, rotary tool or cutoff tool, several sizes of drill bits and permanent modification to the bike. Please read instructions before ordering.

Includes: T-Plate, two Dzus springs and fasteners, mounting hardware
Weight: 6 oz

All Happy Trails products are crafted in Idaho



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