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IMS Fuel Tank Suzuki 400S/SM - KLX400S

DRZ400S Radiator Guard

SKU HTP7-3-51

The DRZ400 remains a staff favorite at Happy Trails. Most of us ride with the IMS 4.0 gallon tank for additional fuel capacity. The built-in tank shrouds offer a bit of protection for the radiators as well but we’ve found that under certain circumstances even that additional protection isn’t enough. We’ve designed our new Radiator Guard to work in conjunction with the IMS tank to protect the radiator in out of the way places.


  • Quick and simple to install
  • Supports the tank to prevent it from crushing the radiator in an accident
  • ½” D.O.M. tubing construction is strong yet lightweight
  • Connects to the frame using existing hardware
  • Mimimal air flow restriction

Notes: Designed to work specifically with the IMS 4.0 gallon tank. The radiator guard may help protect the radiator with other tanks but they have not been tested. The guards have been tested on both the DRZ400S and SM.

Kit includes: Two radiator guards, four washers
Weight: 1.5 lbs.



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