REKLUSE z-Start Brake Kits


The z-Start Brake Kit is designed to enhance rider control. The z-Start Brake enables a rider to use the left hand to actuate the rear brake. Moving rear brake control to the left hand enhances your riding experience by significantly improving braking control in tight corners, right turns, and other technical riding situations.

There are two options for brake kits: Left-hand only which replaces the foot pedal completely and a Dual-Actuated model that enables brake activation with either the left hand or right foot.

The stock clutch lever and perch must be removed to install the z-Start Brake Kit. For cable-clutch bikes, a special override option is available to add a small clutch override to the brake master cylinder.

Currently, there is not a clutch lever option for Hydraulic bikes.

Note: Left hand only units have "0" as the middle part number digit. Dual Actuated models have "1" as the middle part number digit. "-OR" adds the override for cable clutch bikes.


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