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Evolution Foot Pegs
by Fastway Performance

SKU 1620-0636
No matter what your riding style looks like, you need the comfort and security of an adjustable foot peg. Versatile, comfortable and strong, the Fastway EVO F3 series performance pegs have a lowering option that allows you to move them just under an inch lower. That makes them ideal for standard or lowboy setup. These performance pegs are 58 millimeters wide, giving you extra comfort and traction control while you’re riding.

These stainless steel Fastway EVO F3 series performance pegs come with reversible collars and teeth, as well as two differently measured setscrews for customizable height. You can even adjust the upward and downward tilt to fit perfectly within your comfort zone, and the cleats are replaceable. These sturdy foot pegs are available for BMWs, KTWs and Suzukis, as well as Husqvarnas, Yamahas and more.

- Massive platform for comfort and stability
- Patented teeth for maximum control
- Ergonomically adjustable
- Camber and height adjustable
- 17/4 stainless steel construction
- Fully rebuildable (See rebuild kits)
- Replaceable cleats
- Built-in ergonomics; adjustable grip, height and setup
- Electromagnetic-polished patented system
- Allow both standard and lowboy setup with reversible collar insert with each peg. Lowboy or peg lowering option lowers the rider pegs just under 1 inch
- Collars may also be purchased separately to take foot pegs from one make to another for an exact fit
- Superwide (58mm) for comfort and traction control
- Features stainless steel setscrew teeth; easily adjustable and replaceable
- Comes with reversible collars and teeth (also comes with two different height setscrews)
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