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Professional kit with over 200 pieces of factory size hardware.

Cycle pump Adventure Model

The CyclePump Adventure Model sets the new Gold Standard for motorcycle tire inflators. Designed for the adventure touring rider... with expedition grade components and all the bells and whistles, yet remains lightweight at 34 oz.


  • Inflation about 2-3 minutes for front tire, 3-5 minutes for rear
  • Compressor unit rated to inflate over 100 PSI
  • Fold-down legs lift unit out of the dirt and increase stability
  • Easy access on-off switch
  • 24" Air hose for easy reach
  • Universal power plug (converts to BMW or cigarette lighter outlet, SAE fitting)
  • 8 foot power cord connects to any SAE fitting
  • Fused alligator clips attach to any 12v battery; SAE fitting
  • Cordura storage pouch with Velcro closure holds all accessories
  • Velcro straps keep the cord and hose organized
  • Easy access instruction label on top of aluminum case

Construction elements:

  • Aluminum case helps filter dirt/ foreign materials
  • Locking, all-brass air chuck design locks onto the teeth of valve stem
  • Legs and case tested up to 250 lbs crush weight
  • 12 volt DC motor draws 7 amps (no load), 10-12 amps (full load)
  • Air intake point design reduces chance of taking in foreign materials
  • Compressor uses metal reciprocating piston for durability (no cheap plastic diaphragm)
  • Reduction gears between motor and compressor are nylon, lifetime-self-lubricating style
  • Internal motor mounting points specially "hardened" for expedition use
  • Always tested before shipment
  • Can be repaired or rebuilt for a nominal fee; does not have to be disposable

Measurements: CyclePump measures less than 2"x4"x6". In pouch with all components 2”x6”x9”.
Weight: with all accessory components - 34 oz.

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