No-Rub Coating

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Pssst ... Wanna know a secret? How do we make our bikes look like new? Yes, and restore the faded Tupperware on KLRs!

It's simple:

  1. Wash the bike thoroughly (and we mean thoroughly). We use Simple Green.
  2. Use your favorite wax or polish to remove ground in dirt and surface oxidation.
  3. Spray the entire bike with No-Rub. Let it sit overnight and spray it again. Repeat until plastic is restored. Wipe off excess coating with a clean lint-free cloth.

It is that simple. We use it on hoses, mirrors, brake master cylinders, inside the dash, on the sides of the swingarm, engine, just about everywhere except the brake pads and rotors (yes even the sides of the calipers). The stuff works like magic.

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