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Works with Madstad Brackets for the 2012 DL650 ... that's right the 2012 ...

MadStad Adjustable Windshield Mount Suzuki V-Strom
(2012 DL650 Only)

Why spend hundreds of dollars trying out different windshields only to find out you still get turbulence? The problem is not the windshield, it is the mount!

The MadStad Adjustable Windshield Mount (AWM) for the 2012 Suzuki V-Strom 650 is the full solution. No more buffeting. You can change settings in about 6 seconds and without tools. You can raise, lower, or tilt your windshield back and forth to precisely control the airflow for a smooth, comfortable ride.

Black satin powder coat finish... a perfect match with the V-Strom's black dashboard.


These brackets DO work with any aftermarket windscreen offered for the 2004-2011 V-Strom.

DO NOT work with the stock 2012 DL650 windshield or any other windshield designed to fit the stock mounts on that bike.

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