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GIVI Back-Pad E103
Styled for women.

E30RNMALD Tour Monolock®

  • Wide reflector
  • Easy detachment
  • Watertight, made of durable, high quality polypropelene
  • Monolock® single key opening and closing system
  • Universal mounting plate included
  • Optional backrest pad and stoplight kit

One Key: Open, lock and remove, all with one key.

Opening: Simply push the button with one finger, even when wearing gloves, and the case will open easily. If the case closes incorrectly just press with your hand and the hinge will come into the correct closing position.

Detach: Rotate the key and lightly press the red push button to easily detach the case from the motorcycle.

Capacity: 30 liters; one full face helmet.
External Dimensions: 15"W x 15"D x 12"H
Maximum Load: 6.6 lbs.

Color: Matte Black

Mounting: Universal fitment kit included.

Comfort and safety: Add a black polyurethane backrest pad and/or a stoplight kit.
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