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Comfort for your passenger.
Handy for your TRK33N/TRK46N and great as a stand-alone bag.
Carry more on your Trekker top case.
Trekker convenience.
Trekker convenience.
The undeniable leader in all-weather adventure riding gear.
The undeniable leader in all-weather adventure riding gear.

GIVI TRK33N Trekker Monokey®


The GIVI TRK33N Trekker Side or Top Case is a 33 litre, top opening case, black with aluminum finish. Can be used as a side or top case (with Monokey plates) or pair with the TRK52N Trekker Top Case.

Also available in 46L .

For a good solution on bikes with single exhaust, put a 33L case on the exhaust side and a 46L case on the other. This often solves the issue of asymmetry.


  • Two sizes for symmetry on single exhaust bikes
  • Can be used as a side or top case
  • Easily converts to fully opening entire lid or only the upper small opening (ideal for quick access, no mess.)
  • Elaborately trimmed in steel foil
  • Great Enduro bags or a luxurious accessory on an elegant bikes
  • Security lock


Volume: 33 liters each.
Dimensions: 20" x 16.2" x 9.1"
Maximum load inside case: 10 kg each case

Note: This top case cannot be fitted onto plates which have the contact mounted for stop lights kit.

Select one bag or a pair:

Comfort and Convenience: Add a back rest and an inner bag for your TRK36N top case.

Carrying Capacity: Add a Lid Rack for your TRK36N top case. Select E120 for clam shell opening only. Select E120B (smaller size rack) for both clam shell and top opening.

Carrying Capacity: Add an Elastic Carrying Net for your TRK36N top case. Note: The net requires a 4-ring anchoring kit, and you will make four 10mm holes in the case for anchoring. See Photo.

Trekker Strap Convenience: Set of two Trekker Straps. Select size:

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