GIVI B37 Blade & Blade Tech Monolock®


Do you need a good sized case for your small motorcycle or scooter?

The B37 Monolock® offers 37 liters, is aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to low and medium displacement motorcycles, the B47 offers the novelty of a removable painted cover mounted on the top shell, an aesthetic refinement which used to be exclusive to the Monokey range.

Opening: Simply push the button with one finger, even when wearing gloves, and the case will open easily. If the case closes incorrectly just press with your hand and the hinge will come into the correct closing position.

Detachment: Rotate the key and lightly press the red push button to easily detach the case from the motorcycle.


  • Dimensions: 19.5"L x 16.9"W x 12.5"H
  • Volume: 39 Liters
  • Weight Lbs: 9.7
  • Max Load Lbs: 6.6
  • Helmet Capacity: 1

Mounting: Universal fitment kit included.

Matte Black Lux Version: Matte black with pre-installed stop light and remote control entry.

Matte Black Tech Version: Monochromatic with smoked lenses.

Matte Black Tech Lux Version: Monochromatic with smoked lenses, pre-installed stop light and remote control entry.

Note: Remote control and stop light kit are included with Lux versions. They can be added to other versions below.

Select Standard or Tech version below. (Required).

Comfort and safety: Add a backrest pad and/or a stoplight kit and a Security Lock key (including bush and underlock platelets).

Convenience: Add a remote control entry for your B37 Blade top box..

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