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Handy for your TRK52N and great as a stand-alone bag.
Comfort for your passenger.
Carry more on your Trekker top case.
Trekker convenience.
Trekker convenience.

GIVI TRK52N Trekker Monokey®


The GIVI TRK52N Trekker Top Case is a 52 liter black case black with aluminum finish.

The spacious Monokey® Top Case fits two modular helmets. Made of polymers reinforced with glass fibers, it ensures high structural rigidity. It has a cover in anodized aluminum to resist weathering.

Perfect pairing with Trekker side cases.


  • 52 liter Trekker top case

  • Fits two full-size helmets

  • Anodized aluminum cover resists weathering


Volume: 52 liters each.
Dimensions: H460mm x D315mm x W600mm
Maximum load inside case: 10 kg each case

Note: This top case cannot be fitted onto plates which have the contact mounted for stop lights kit.

Comfort and Convenience: Add a back rest and an inner bag for your TRK52N top case.

Increase Your Carrying Capacity: Add a Lid Rack and an Elastic Carrying Net for your TRK52N top case. Note: The net requires a 4-ring anchoring kit, and you will make four 10mm holes in the case for anchoring. See Photo.

Trekker Strap Convenience: Set of two Trekker Straps. Select size:

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