Cee Bailey's Windshield Kawasaki Concours


Fitment for Kawasaki Concours 1986-2006

The original shield is simply too short and sits too far away from the rider, resulting in turbulent air and buffeting. The Cee Bailey's shield reduces this gap by bringing the trailing edge closer to the rider. It also has a reverse curve which pushes the air up and over your head.

The shield may be ordered with an an exclusive NACA vent that provides a stream of air to the trailing edge. The result is a slight breeze to the helmet area with reduced wind noise, an ideal choice for hot climates.

Both shields provide a nice pocket of clean air that reduces or eliminates the turbulent buffeting effects associated with other shields.

  • Manufactured from .150 aircraft grade acrylic.
  • Available in clear, green, light & dark gray tints.
  • Installation instructions & all hardware included.

Size Selection:

Suggested sizing is for most average body builds on stock seats. Riders caught in between sizes need to determine torso, posture, and neck considerations for best results. It is always better to be on the next shorter size if ordering dark gray as you must be able to clearly see over the shield.

  • 22.5" is about the same as the stock height
  • 24.5” for most riders up to 5’ 11”
  • 25.5” for most riders 6'0” to 6’2”
  • 26.5” for most riders 6’3” and up

Note: Stock shield is 18.5" High & 20.5" Wide

Note: No refunds or exchanges on Opaque Black, Light Green and Dark Gray Tints.

  • No Cancellations, Refunds or Returns
    This product is a special order item
    and not available for refund or return.

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