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The Moab Shock (Cogent Dynamics) KLR650E 08+


Accept no substitute ... when you absolutely positively need the best shock for your KLR650 there is only one choice ...

Happy Trails Products is proud to join with Cogent Dynamics to offer you the Moab Shock ... the undisputed king when it comes to outfitting your KLR for adventure. (For 87-07 Moab shock go HERE)

The Kawasaki KLR650 Moab Shock is custom built in Cogent Dynamics' suspension shop in Fletcher, North Carolina. Designed by owner, Rick Tannenbaum, the Moab Shock is now more than five years old. Hundreds of these superb suspension products are being used in the most demanding conditions and on the roughest terrain. The Moab Shock offers a proven, high quality solution for the KLR650 whether you are a long distance traveler, a hard core dual sport rider or just a back road explorer. The Cogent Dynamics Moab shock will provide a far better and smoother ride while providing longevity, traction and load carrying ability.

Cogent Dynamics and Happy Trails Products provide the very best suspension available for your KLR650. Each shock is fitted by our service department with an industry standard Eibach Racing Spring (ERS) based on the rider information and selection below. We use the same formula for springing developed by Rick himself. For optimum performance we suggest upgrading your fork springs as well  The Moab Shock is handmade in the USA by motorcycle fanatics just like you.

Important Setup Note: Shocks come to you with the spring installed and damping set as follows:

Initial preload: 18mm
Rebound damping: 14 clicks up to 500 lb spring;  12 clicks over 500 lb.

It is vitally important that you set the sag according to the procedures outlined in the Moab Shock Manual once the shock is installed on your bike.

Spring Selection Chart: Using the chart below please select a spring from the dropdown menu.

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