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Cee Bailey's Adjustable Windshield Sport Deflector KLR650E 2008+


Finally a no gimmick rock solid adjustable KLR shield and bracket. All sizes feature a four position adjustable swing arm that mounts directly to the fairing. No holes to drill or rickety brackets to mess with for a stable shield that performs just as well as it looks. Knurled aluminum clamping knobs make adjustment a breeze with no tools required. Whether you’re seeking more, less or maximum air protection this is the one shield that does it all.

The Sport Deflector was designed to match the fairing contour for excellent aesthetics which also provides adequate torso coverage. The sport shield is ideal for stand up riders or when a little extra air is a welcome relief for hot or humid riding conditions.

The aluminum support bracket provides the most stable base possible. This mounting system also provides additional strength to the shield & fairing. The result is less vibration and more stability for unequaled performance.

  • Manufactured from .150 aircraft grade acrylic.
  • Available in clear, green, light & dark gray tints.
  • Installation instructions & all hardware included.

Measurements: 20” tall & 13” wide at the top for all riders.

Note: No refunds or exchanges on Opaque Black, Light Green and Dark Gray Tints.

  • No Cancellations, Refunds or Returns
    This product is a special order item
    and not available for refund or return.

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